Friday, August 12, 2011


Here are some camping spots if anyone is interested. They are all within 50 or so miles of the event.
Scotts Flat Lake(closest), Bullards Bar(furthest away but a great ride), Rollins Lake, Bear River outside of Colfax, along Highway 49 on the way to Downieville, White Cloud, somewhere down a remote dirt road, etc...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Camping n stuff

Soooo..... we ain't sure where we're having the afterparty and campin'. We had a good spot that got shot down and are having a tough time finding another one. If anyone knows of a good spot or somebody with a couple of acres, let us know. I will get together some near by campsites and directions for any one to check out just in case we can't find a spot. There are a few spots around, just nothing big enough in case a lot of people stay around for the evening.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Instead of the G.V. Roll-In, this year Miles Masonry, Goodtimes, and friends are putting on a horseshoe tournament and bike show in Pioneer Park in Nevada City, CA. We are hoping to get registration started by 11am, with the tournament starting no later than 12 noon. After the tournament is over who ever wants to keep partying can ride with us to an as of now undecided campout location.Yes it will be hot in August, but Pioneer Park has plenty of shade and creek running through it to keep y'all from overheating.

A raffle will go down with prizes provided by local merchants, skateboard companies, and motorcycle companies.There will be some of BBQ grub for sale at the event. As far as hydration, BYOB (there is a gas station and store with beer nearby).

Bike Show:
Ride in whatever you got motorcycle show. No prizes or rules, just show up on yer bike and check out other bitchin' cycles, shoot the shit, whatever. We don't care what you ride, just ride it!

Horseshoe Tournament:
Entry fee will be $20 per team. If you ride to the event, entry fee will be $10. The top winners will receive cash prizes.

IMPORTANT INFO FOR HORSESHOES: The horseshoe pits at Pioneer Park are real deal clay pits, this ain't no backyard pit with rocks and weeds. We are trying to get enough horseshoes together for the tournament, but if you got yer own, bring them please. Also, we are getting some guys saying they are the shit at horseshoes, so beware, this may turn out to be quite a tournament.